Lakshman Srikanth D

Manage multiple Technical Teams - Deploy Mobile & Web apps

My Resume

About Me

I’m from Chintamani, now living in Bengaluru, interested in new ideas and creating scalable web apps.

Worked on at Gavista with a stellar team, built a great product and company.

I manage multiple teams & also write code in PHP, Python, can also speak to databases and make servers do stuff. I like working on scalability, performance, design.

Can Transform your iDEA into Product - Manage Technical Team through SCRUM - Deploy Servers - Design & Develop PHP, Python, Search Applications

Work Experience - (Total 10 years)

Product Manager - Invensis Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (2016 - Present)

  • Managed a Technical Team as Scrum Master - Developed a Learning Platform to get business by selling professional courses across Europe, MiddleEast, USA, Africa & Asia -
  • Role as Scrum Master - Created a product for US (United States of America) Healthcare in processing Claim Status, Claims submission & Eligibility Verification -
  • Role as CakePHP Developer - Successfully developed a Video Analytics tool that converts video reviews used in analyzing consumer markets -
  • Role as Python Django Developer - Created an HRMS that helped expedite Human Resource Processes -
  • Role as CakePHP Developer - Developed a CRM Application that makes performance and productivity tracking quick and efficient -
  • Role as Scrum Master - Built an Invoice Application to manage all clients and respective invoices with roles,privileges and multiple currency. -
  • Role as Python Developer - Extensively automated business processes / manual data entry using Robotic Process Automation.

Rest Api for Android and iOS Mobile Application - Temme (2015)

Deployed web server and entire backend for a Mobile app which would communicate with other users over Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) for Android and Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) for iOS. Developed REST services to access database, modify, insert data via urls with POST, PUT DELETE requests in JSON as per REST methodology.

Android Mobile Application Development including REST API - Kurnool Achars Chintana (2015)

App fetches Audio links with respective categories from server via json and displays categories in the app. Each file is available for download to the user and for offline playing/viewing. Audio data is hosted on Google Drive, Dropbox and a Dedicated server. The API chooses the download location based on the server load. Developed a messaging service using Google Cloud Messaging to deliver notification and message to all app users. App supports PDF's, Video and Audio data. Worked on developing a REST API to serve data from the server to the app. Handled Web Server hosting, Mobile Application Development and PHP REST API from scratch.

Search engine for nextgen professional marketplace - LivePerk (2015)

Installed and configured Sphinx on Windows and CentOS servers. Worked on developing a search engine for User Data, configured Sphinx search framework to handle CJK (Chinese Japanese Korean) characters and devised a relevancy algorithm which would pick recommended users based on their rating, feedback and review score. Implemented 10 filters and 5 sorting methods without compromising the accuracy of the search results.

Search app for Stock Photography - Greenscreen Animals (2015)

Worked on setting up a Sphinx Server which talks to DataBase server (relational data between ten tables) with multiple indexes. Developed queries to get accurate search results using the Sphinx PHP API. Optimized the web app architecture and requests between the DB server, the app and the Sphinx server (Different Servers). Developed an autocomplete (backend) functionality using SphinxSearch to return data from multiple MySQL tables and columns.

Web Crawler - Python BeautifulSoup and Selenium WebDriver - Gavista (2012 - 2014)

Indian Judiciary uploads judgements/verdicts to a public web portal, cases aren’t structured & organized. I devised a crawler using Python-BeautifulSoup which parses HTML and returns a list. Systemized the crawler using powerful regex to pick semantic data from the web page and insert into MySQL table. Configured a cron to automatically update DataBase as soon as the webpage is updated. It handles 23 Courts with each court uploading thousand’s of cases everyday.

Search Framework - Sphinx and MySQL - Gavista (2011 - 2012)

Searching a MySQL DataBase of 7,000,00 rows using the default Full-Text Search is hard and tedious work hence I pioneered a Search Engine to handle millions of rows of data!. Optimized the schema, built indexes, streamlined the queries using SphinxSearch Framework with PHP-SphinxAPI. Reduced response time with less memory footprint and improved the accuracy-relevancy of search results.

Server Administration - Ubuntu - Gavista (2011 - present)

Worked on Apache, optimized the configuration to handle more requests & less memory. Migrated files, configurations, database to a new server without any glitch or downtime. Worked on Domain Registration, Redirection and configuring DNS. Managed Servers on AWS, Rackspace, Hetzner, OVH.

MVC Web Application - CakePHP and HTML, JS - Gavista (2010 - 2011)

Designed & Developed entire backend & frontend of a Web Application in CakePHP from scratch. Worked on user registration, integrated payment gateway, bulk e-mail, dashboard, created SEO friendly url’s, modified Twitter BootStrap Theme and transformed into a live product.

Sales, Marketing - Management - Gavista (2010 - 2015)

Handled Presentations, Product demos and interaction with all key people and convince them implicitly, closing the case keeping all the major aspects in front and increased sales growth. Managed customer centric operations and ensured customer satisfaction by achieving delivery and service quality norms. Identified improvement areas & implemented measures to maximise customer satisfaction levels. Monitored, recruited, trained & motivated the manpower and provided direction to the sales team for ensuring optimum performance and enhancing their professional and soft skills. Analysed the performance of team members for assigning targets on a regular basis. .